OEM service

OEM Service

Bozna has more than 30 years of OEM service experience. Over the years, with excellent product and service quality, on-time delivery ability and timely after-sales service, it has perfectly solved their needs for customers. In particular, we have cooperated with the modified car brands for more than 20 years, and now continue to provide services for them.

The scope of customization of Bozhongna

Custom Range

  • Product design supports conceptual design renderings;
  • Mechanical analysis of structural design;
  • Prototype reverse development;
  • Engineering drawing simulation;
  • Process design is planned and implemented in accordance with APQP procedures;
  • Tooling sample production;
  • Small batch trial production of products;
  • Mass production meets the requirements of the standard system;

Customers only need to clarify their needs and approve the relevant PPAP documents, then we can help you meet your needs.

Bozhongna's OEM customization advantages

Extensive Experience

Our company has a long-term large-capacity OEM supporting experience in the field of auto parts, serving many auto parts brands or mainframe manufacturers such as China FAW, BYD Industry, Suzuki Motor, Daya Group, Japan's Kyoto Group, and American Wheelpros. We use our rich experience to formulate a perfect matching plan for BYD's Dynasty series, FAW Car's "Hongqi", "Pentium" and other series of models. We creatively fit various materials and various processes to optimize the original design, so that the customer's products take into account the needs of decoration and safety, and actively assist customers in the declaration of intellectual property rights.

R&D Capabilities

Our company has 40 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, the company has established a mature management system, a stable management team and trained a number of skilled production personnel. This enables us to meet customer needs for product development. Moreover, our mature and stable whole supply chain can better assist us to quickly verify and improve our customers' products.

Low MOQ Requirements For Orders

Our company has flexible production capacity and equipment, flexible organization and management capabilities, and in order to better meet customer needs and provide high-quality products to customers, we provide customers with low minimum order quantities.

Stable Delivery

We have many years of overseas supply experience, reasonable production staff allocation, advanced production equipment, stable production capacity, full coverage of production chain and stable supply chain. This enables us to complete customer orders on time, quantity and quality.

Cooperation Process

Understand demand


plan formulation




sample production


sample and related document confirmation


mass production


review cooperation efficiency, check product process


continuous improvement according to order progress

Custom FAQ

Service cycle: We provide 24-hour service, and respond to customer concerns or demands within 48 hours.
Payment method:30% deposit, the balance will be settled before shipment.
Delivery capacity: The equipment load is preset at 50%, and sufficient capacity and backup are reserved to ensure stable delivery.
Service Price: The price is FOB price.

Finished product display

BYD Imperial Wheel Hub

BYD Imperial Wheel Hub

We have had a good relationship with BYD for many years and have assisted them in the development and production of hubcaps, which should still be on existing vehicles.

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Denza Wheel Hub

Denza Wheel Hub

We have developed and produced hubcaps for BYD's Denza automobile, which have been well received by customers.

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Honda motorcycle accessories

Honda motorcycle accessories

We have been cooperating with Honda motorcycle manufacturers in China since 1990's, providing them with parts production and surface treatment services.

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When we cooperated with BYD in 2015, BYD was annoyed by problems such as melting of the core cover at high temperature

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