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Silk Screen Printing

We provide custom silk screen printing services, silk screen printing process is a common printing technique where customers can provide their own designs to be used in the printing process. This can include specific colors, fonts and patterns.

Automatic silk screen printing

Our company has automatic silk screen printing process to provide customers with high-quality silk screen printing services. We can print all kinds of patterns and characters. Our automatic screen printing technology can be applied to many industries such as electronics, toys, and household items, and can meet the different printing needs of customers to provide the best quality service.

Reliable silk screen printing manufacturers

As a professional silk screen printing manufacturers, we have many years of screen printing experience and the most exquisite silk screen printing process, and can provide high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency silk screen printing services. We have an automatic silk screen printing production line and advanced screen printing equipment, including automatic silk screen printing, CNC screen printing and multi-color screen printing, etc., which can meet the silk screen printing needs of various materials and sizes.

silk screen printing process

Prepare the screen: First tension the screen on the frame, and apply a cover compound to the area to be printed to prevent ink penetration.

Make the layout: Design and make the printing plate, usually using a photosensitive plate or hand-drawing.

Mixing ink: Mix the appropriate ink color and viscosity according to the design needs.

Printing: Place the printing plate on the substrate, stick the screen to the printing plate and add ink, and use a scraper to scrape the screen to print the ink on the substrate.

Curing: Heat or expose the printed product to cure the ink and improve the adhesion and durability.

Advantages of Automatic Silk Screen Printing


The equipment has a high degree of automation, which can greatly reduce the workload and operation errors of the operator, and improve the printing production efficiency.


The automatic silk screen printing equipment adopts advanced control system, which can realize precise printing and make the quality of printed matter more stable and reliable. It can also be printed on the surface of various materials and shapes, which has strong versatility.


The printing quality of automatic silk screen printing is very high, which can achieve high resolution, high contrast and high color saturation printing effect.


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