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We offer professional water transfer printing services and process, our water transfer printing can transfer patterns with complex patterns, such as imitation carbon fiber pattern, camouflage pattern, wood grain, stone pattern, animation effect.

water transfer printing services

Water transfer printing services

We provide water transfer printing services, using advanced printing technology to print various patterns or patterns on the surface of objects, including automotive interiors, electronic product casings, furniture, etc. Our water transfer printing process includes pattern selection, substrate preparation, printing treatment and surface coating to ensure clear, durable and beautiful printing effects.

What is water transfer printing?

Water transfer printing, also known as hydrographic printing or hydro dipping, is a printing process that allows designs to be applied to three-dimensional objects. The process involves transferring a film with a design onto a specially prepared surface using water as a medium. The film is printed with a special ink that dissolves in water and leaves the design floating on the surface.

Stainless steel stamping process


The water transfer printing process is widely used in the automotive industry to decorate car parts, Here are the steps involved in water transfer printing:

 Prepare the surface: The surface of the object to be printed must be cleaned and prepared properly. This involves removing any dirt, grease, or other contaminants that may interfere with the printing process.

 Apply base coat: A base coat is applied to the surface of the object to create a solid color foundation for the design.

 Print the design: A water-soluble film with the desired design or pattern is floated on the surface of a water tank. The film dissolves in the water, leaving the ink on the surface of the water.

 Activate the film: An activator solution is sprayed onto the surface of the film, which dissolves the ink and activates it, making it ready to transfer onto the object.

 Dip the object: The object is slowly dipped into the water tank, allowing the ink to transfer and adhere to the surface of the object.

 Rinse and dry: Once the object is fully submerged, it is removed from the water and rinsed to remove any excess film or ink. The object is then allowed to dry.

 Apply topcoat: A clear topcoat is applied to the surface of the object to protect the design and provide a glossy finish.

Advantages of water transfer printing process

Liquid Transfer

Liquid Transfer

The water transfer printing process transfers the printed pattern from the water surface to the surface of the target object. In this process, multiple steps such as cleaning, spraying, soaking, and cleaning are performed to ensure that the pattern can be accurately transferred and firmly attached to the surface of the object.

Simulation Effect

Simulation Effect

Water transfer printing technology can realize the simulation effect of various materials and textures, such as wood grain, marble grain, carbon fiber, etc. Water transfer printing can also achieve printing effects of various patterns through different pigments and printing methods.



water transfer printing technology can be applied to various types of items, and can also realize personalized design, allowing users to choose different patterns and effects according to their own needs and preferences, so as to create unique products.


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